eXacal thermometers are produced by hand in Fulda, Germany. In addition to the construction of the thermometers themselves, the firm also focuses on developing unique tools and production processes. From construction, through production, right up to final DAkkS-compliant calibration, no external suppliers are required other than for the raw materials. This independence guarantees the high quality of our thermometers.





Mechanical production

The components required, such as hand grips and prototypes for fine-tuning, are produced by milling, turning and drilling.


Noble metal soldering

Thermowires and extension wires are soldered by hand to ensure a high level of accuracy. The fuel gases required, namely hydrogen and oxygen, are not stored in bottles, but are generated at the perfect ratio of 2:1 from water using electrolysis. This guarantees the absolute purity of the fuel gases.


Heat treatment of thermomaterials

One of Klasmeier’s core competencies is the targeted heat treatment of thermowires. Our annealing process guarantees that the eXacal thermocouples are metallurgically stable and thermoelectrically homogenous.

Alterung von Widerstandsthermometern

Annealing resistance thermometers

Our resistance thermometers are subjected to complete annealing using our adjusted annealing cycles in a specially constructed oxygen-fed annealing furnace.



3D Printing

Insulation elements and complex plastic parts located inside the grips, such as tension relief components, are produced using a cutting-edge 3D printing process. This offers numerous advantages. Complex structures are produced without any manual input and without the need for expensive tools. This saves both time and money. Since 3D printing renders the storage of parts superfluous, eXacal thermometers can be continually developed.



Inhomogeneity scanner

Potential inhomogeneities in the eXacal thermocouples are investigated using an inhomogeneity scanner. A moveable heat source tests the entire thermomaterial on the measurement cell for local inhomogeneities.


The inhomogeneity scanner was developed in-house by Klasmeier. It has enabled substantial improvements in eXacal thermocouples:

  • More realistic assessment of uncertainties
  • Verification of thermal treatment 
  • Improved quality and production processes



High-quality carrying case

All eXacal thermometers are supplied in a high-quality wooden carrying case. The robust wooden case with a made-to-measure foam inlay offer excellent protection for the sensitive thermometers during transport and storage.


eXacal Präzisions-Thermoelement